Acne Scar Removal Treatments at Home

Acne is troublesome on its own, but what’s worse may be the scars they leave after they disappear. These scars go from red to brown before they heal completely by themselves. Acne Scar Removal Treatments at HomeAcne Scars occur due to cysts that form under the skin layers or when the collagen underneath the skin’s surface gets damaged because of inflammation. You can try and prevent acne from appearing but there is no magic potion to ensure they are go in a day, but a few natural home remedies can surely help accelerate the procedure. These remedies can be used for all skin tones.

Acne Scar Removal Treatments in your own home
Lemon Juice Acne Scar Removal Treatment:

  • Cut a lemon and squeeze the juice out of this. Dilute this raw lemon extract with 1/2 areas of pure rose water.
  • After cleansing the face, dip a cotton pad within the lemon juice and dab your acne spots with this particular cotton pad.
  • You can either dab this juice overall the face for an instant brightening effect or simply dab your acne scars by using it to fade them. This really is one of the most heard popular acne scar removal treatment in your own home, but hence it helps a great deal in clearing out those ugly acne scarring.
  • The citrus extracts helps bleaching the brownish or red acne scars naturally as the rose water balances the acidity from the lemon juice to protect our skin from the harm. After leaving the juice inside your facial skin for 15-20 minutes, wash off face with clean cold water. Pat dry and moisturize. Do that everyday for a faster fading of acne scarring.

Chickpea Flour Acne Scar Clearing Face Pack Treatment:

  • Chickpea powder works well for cleansing skin deeper which helps in fading the dark acne scarring. Take a small bowl and add 2 teaspoons of chickpea flour, a teaspoon of orange juice, a pinch of turmeric, few drops of glycerin and required rose water into it.
  • Blend this mixture well to create a creamy paste. If required, add number of drops of rose water but make certain not to make the pack too thin.
  • After cleansing the face, apply this face pack evenly over your skin concentrating on the acne scar impacted areas well and leave on for 10-15 minutes.
  • After 10-15 minutes, splash cold water and wash off this pack out of your facial skin without leaving any residue. This pack may be used up to thrice a week for optimum benefits. If you have dry skin, add milk rather than rose water to this recipe.