Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

Every one loves to have delicious food but it is also important to look towards the nutrients and vitamins provided by them. For those finding a food which can serve all the essential nutrients for the body, here is a suggestion, consume an egg every day. Here you will come across the importance of egg for the body.

Health Benefits:

Blood clots and Cholesterol
This has turned into one of the most debated benefits of eggs. Apparently, the proteins contained in the yolks are known to lend the body anti-clotting properties. Of late, they have been claimed to be dietary enemies, given their alleged high cholesterol content. Egg intake did not contribute to heart disease and stroke in any way.

Brain Growth
Most of us have grown up hearing that eggs make us taller, faster, stronger and smarter. In scientific terms, it’s a nutrient called choline found in yolk that is essentially the forerunner here. Moreover, even pregnant women are advised to consume eggs to promote optimal brain development of their unborn infants and inhibit risks associated with birth defects.

Eggs are used for a variety of treatments involving hair and skin health. After all, there’s the age-old remedy of rubbing them into the hair to prevent tangles and promote hair growth. They are known to repair damaged hair and maintain good follicle health.

Good Eye health
Egg helps in reducing common eye disorders as the yolk part present in egg is enriched with vitamin A. Fret not, an egg every day helps in proper eye sight and prevents such risks.

Breast Cancer
Egg consumption could lower the risk of breast cancer. The team believed that the combination of essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins were responsible for the protective effect.


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