Home Remedies To Get Pink Lips Naturally

Do you wonder how to lighten your dark lips making your lips soft, pink and silky naturally in your own home? No doubt, naturally pink lips are most appealing a part of woman’s charm and beauty. No

Get Pink Lips Naturally

Get Pink Lips Naturally

matter what the skin color is, but you always imagine natural baby soft rosy lips which is possible to get those soft, rosy and attractive lips naturally at home using easy and effective home remedies given below.

Natural Home Remedies:

  • Apply honey on your lips before you go to bed and use a soft brush to massage the lips next morning. This could remove the dry and dead cells out of your lips.
  • Apply olive oil in your lips before taking a bath. You wouldn’t require a lip balm to moisturize them.
  • Apply natural ghee in your lips to improve the health of your lips.Create a paste of rose petals plus some cream; apply this paste in your lips to make them soft and pink.
  • Mix coriander juice, carrot juice and mint juice and apply them in your lips.
  • Coconut milk is a superb way to moisturize your lips naturally.
  • Rub a slice of cucumber in your lips to lighten dark lips.
  • Take half teaspoon of essential olive oil, honey and sugar; mix rid of it and apply on your lips.
  • Rub ice on your lips to keep them nourished, moisturized and fresh.
  • Apply beetroot juice in your lips to make them soft and pink.
  • Rub half a lemon in your lips in circular motion.
  • Apply milk cream in your lips to soften and moisturize them.
  • Crush raspberries and then add aloe-vera gel with a drop of honey to obtain pink lips.
  • Take equal amount of lime and glycerin to lighten dark lips.
  • Castor and almond oil mixture when put on lips make them soft and pink.

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