Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, you know that the right diet is one of the most important things you can do to achieve and maintain good health for yourself as well as your baby. A lot of emphasisFoods to Avoid During Pregnancy is positioned on getting enough of the best nutrients, so you’re taking your everyday multivitamins, drinking plenty of water (on and on to the washroom much more often than usual), and eating healthy. You already know to prevent alcohol and tobacco, but other foods might be also off-limits during pregnancy.

Following would be the foods that have been proven through good research to have potential risks while pregnant.

Of all the foods to prevent during pregnancy, this is probably the one that moms-to-be will crib concerning the most. Yes, most of us require the caffeine kick to wake us in the morning as well as to stop us going through the drudgery of the day. But caffeine is among the worst things you can introduce towards the developing and delicate central nervous system of your baby. Caffeine while pregnant is associated with low birth weight as well as miscarriage. You can have one or two glasses of coffee a day if you must. But it’s really better to avoid this altogether if you possess the will power.

Some Cheeses
Blue-veined cheeses in addition to cheeses with a rind for example camembert, Danish blue, brie and gorgonzola contain bacteria called listeria that is responsible for causing listeriosis, a rare infection. Listeriosis is related to stillbirth, miscarriage and certain illness in the newborn.

Unpasteurized milk
Milk which has not been pasteurized should be avoided for the similar reason as cheese. You will find bacteria in unpasteurized milk which could cause infections. Another reason this will make it to our foods to avoid while pregnant list is because it can cause food poisoning, that you simply are more vulnerable to when you are pregnant.

Raw or Undercooked Eggs
For those who have a recipe that requires raw eggs, you’ll have to ditch it when you are pregnant. Raw eggs are notorious to be potential carriers of the dreaded salmonella. Be cautious when eating out as freshly-made mayo in restaurants, mousse as well as fresh ice cream may have raw egg among the ingredients. Don’t have runny eggs. The yolk and whites ought to be firm when cooked.

Avoid all under-cooked meat while pregnant whether it’s chicken, beef or pork. Uncooked meat can contain parasites which may cause infection.

Avoid cured meats like salami altogether because they are linked to toxoplasmosis and listeriosis. Also avoid liver while pregnant as it contains high amounts of vitamin A which is not good for your child since it is linked to birth defects.

Many small types of fish contain high mercury levels which could cause irreversible damage to your growing baby’s central nervous system and even lead to brain damage. The larger fish are the ones that have more mercury. So steer clear of the larger varieties like shark, swordfish and king mackerel.

This is a disputed item around the foods to avoid during pregnancy list. Because the harmful effects of alcohol consumption have not been studied, there is no definitive verdict on whether alcohol is OK during pregnancy. However, since alcohol is really a toxin, most experts will advise against it through the pregnancy although some will state that it should be avoided at least within the first trimester. Remember that what you eat or drink goes straight to your baby. You wouldn’t feed your child alcohol when it’s born kind you take the risk just because you can’t see its face yet?


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