Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Those nine months of being pregnant can be very challenging, especially if you’re from India. Within this country everyone around you will appear to have an opinion on what the baby needs, and what’s good for the mother during this time. Even when they don’t have an opinion they think compelled to volunteer with one. Frequently in India, advice that people give even borders on superstition.

Handful of these foods to avoid during pregnancy:

Alchohol is really a no no and one from the drinks to definitely avoid. Alcohol based drinks can cause a number of problems including weight reduction and deformities. Even dark wine, which is otherwise considered a proper food because of its antioxidants, is better avoided during this time. Although many doctors will help you to drink one glass of dark wine a day, however having an more than red wine could harm the infant.

If it can keep you up and wired, it may probably do the same for the unborn inside you. Moreover, regular use of caffeine has known to cause withdrawal symptoms with a brand new born child leading to constant crying and uneasiness. So one of the foods to avoid during pregnancy are coffee, colas as well as tea if consumed excessively. Strike them off your balance diet list especially during pregnancy. Caffeine at the start of a pregnancy can cause miscarriages. It is best to place this on your list of foods to prevent during Foods to Avoid During Pregnancypregnancy.

This is another food that’s much debated. In India it’s widely believed that eating papaya noisy . stages of pregnancy can lead to a miscarriage. However, most doctors will tell you that it is green or raw papaya which contains high concentrations of latex, milky liquid that creates marked uterine contractions and is therefore among the foods to avoid during pregnancy. The fully ripened papaya is protected.

Unpasteurized Milk
Unpasteurized milk may contain bacteria called Listeria, which may lead to miscarriage. So be sure that the milk you drink is pasteurized. Milk is a vital source of calcium which is probably the most sought after mineral by the unborn baby. So ensure that milk belongs to a balanced diet during pregnancy.

Raw eggs and Raw Seafood
Raw eggs contain salmonella, a bacteria that triggers food borne diseases. So no fresh mayonnaise and uncooked cake batter. Uncooked seafood too is really a source for seafood borne diseases, particularly if the seafood is not fresh. So both raw eggs and raw seafood end up among the foods to avoid while pregnant. When it comes to these, stick to healthy food choices, which is cooked well and eaten, fresh. Eggs in addition to seafood contain essential nutrients and should be part of a balanced diet when cooked.


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