Energy Boosting Foods For Women

Energy Boosting Foods

Energy Boosting Foods

Whatever you eat is responsible for the amount and quality of energy you have during the day. That’s why energy bars, chocolate bars, power drinks, and highly-caffeinated beverages seem to be on everyone’s grocery list these days. Aside from several trips to the coffee vending machine on any given work day, these so-called high-power food items conveniently put back the bounce in your step when your energy has hit rock bottom.

Energy Boosting Foods:

Orange Juice:
There’s nothing quite like the sweet and sour tang of orange juice in the morning to wake you up. More importantly, a tall glass of OJ can help keep you hydrated while giving you a healthy dose of vitamin C.

This tropical fruit is a rich source of potassium, an electrolyte that helps maintain normal nerve and muscle function. The sugar in bananas is also easily digested by the body and converted into energy.

This high fiber grain is an ideal breakfast food as it fills you up, lowers your cholesterol and keeps fatigue at bay. It’s also rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins E B.

Dark, Leafy Green:
If depression is causing your chronic energy low, bolster your daily meals with dark, leafy greens such as arugula and spinach. The folate in dark leafies may reduce your depression symptoms and give you a boost of oomph.

Though beans get a bad rap for giving people gas, they really are fuel for your body. High in fiber and protein, beans can give you a sustained boost of energy because both fiber and protein can keep you full longer and are metabolized more slowly than high-carb.

Best Aerobic Exercises For women

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic workouts has many health benefits. There are several benefits of aerobic exercise. It improves your breathing, makes your heart healthier, helps you in weight loss, increases your immunity, makes you look healthy and makes your skin glow.

Aerobic Exercises:

Dance Aerobics :
If the very thought of back-breaking exercises keeps you off the treadmill, here is one fun workout to go for. Dance aerobics helps to tone up your body, supercharge your stamina as well as boost your mood. It is one sure known way to stay happy and healthy. Dance aerobics increases your blood circulation, relieves stress and depresses your cholesterol levels.

Stair Climbing :
This is one of the aerobic exercises at home which is easy and burns calories faster. A person can burn around 300 calories in 30 minutes of stair climbing. This is one of the good cardio workouts at home.

Spot Jogging :
One of the most easygoing aerobic exercises you can go for is the spot jogging. Instead of taking on to the streets, just try staying in one position, as you jog. Start on a low speed mode, increasing the intensity and duration as per your convenience. Regular indulgence in this kind of aerobic exercises will prove helpful in the long run.

Skipping :
All you need is a jump rope for skipping. With this form of exercise, you can burn 200 calories in 12 minutes. This exercise helps in weight loss. This workout is beneficial for all ages and both the genders. A jump rope workout routine is perfect for someone who likes to be creative in his/her exercise routine.

Dancing :
This is a fun workout. Just put on some good dance music and start dancing. This exercise will keep you in good shape. A dance session of 20 minutes helps burn 120 calories.

Homemade Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin Naturally

Homemade Beauty Tips

Homemade Beauty Tips

We are going to talk about some simple home remedies that can help you to get fair and healthy skin and before we start talking about these fairness tips, you need to understate one thing, you cannot make things work if you are not good from inside, if you want to look good and healthy then eat healthy and fresh fruits, eat fresh and healthy balanced diet possible, now let’s start these magical tips for fair skin.

Fair Skin Tips:

  • To improve the condition of skin, massage your skin with tomato sauce and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse skin with water.
  • Massaging the skin with a mixture of yogurt and lemon juice gives not only justice but also illuminates the dark spots and acne marks.
  • Rub raw potato slices to the skin and wash water after 15 minutes.
  • Massage into skin cream milk with a pinch of turmeric powder helps to improve the complexion.
  • Prepare a paste of sandalwood powder of turmeric with rose water and apply topically to improve skin complexion.
  • Mix a teaspoon of gram flour and 1/4th teaspoon of turmeric powder in milk to make a paste. Apply the same on the skin for 20 minutes and rinse water.
  • Shadow of dry orange peel powder and store in a bottle. Take a teaspoon of powdered orange peel and mix in a teaspoon of yogurt to make it into a paste. Apply the mixture to your face and neck for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with water, rubbing in a circular motion.
  • Mix the egg yolk with a little cheese, fuller’s earth and honey to make a mask. Apply it on your face and neck to improve the complexion, and tightening of the skin.
  • For fair skin, soak a pinch of saffron in raw milk and apply on face and neck for 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water.
  • Take a teaspoon of the juice of radish and it, mix a few drops of lemon juice. Topical application of the same person due to improved bleaching properties of the components.

Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil For Women

Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil

Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive oil is well-known for its overall health and beauty benefits and finds utility in cooking, skin and hair care, and in preventive and healing remedies. It is very beneficial for skin and hair, and is used as a base ingredient in many skin care products like skin creams, cleansers and moisturizers.

Olive Oil Benefits:

Soft And Smooth Lips:
Beeswax and olive oil melted and poured into a small tin makes wonderful lip balm that will keep your lips soft and smooth.

Dry Feet Treatment:
Dry feet can be healed after one night of this treatment. Before bed, rub olive oil into your dry, cracked feet. Do not rinse. Then, put a cozy pair of socks on and go to sleep. Your feet will drink in the moisture and feel much better by morning.

Best Skin Softener:
Add a few drops of olive oil to your bath water for the best skin softener you can imagine. And, if you’re feeling extra decadent, then add a few drops of essential oil for a natural aromatherapy bath.

Removing Eye Makeup:
Olive oil is excellent for removing mascara. It’s much better than petroleum jelly or baby oil and is beneficial to the skin around your eyes.

Perfect Home Manicure:
Use a few drops of olive oil in warm water for a wonderful at-home manicure. Apply your favorite lotion afterwards to lock in the moisture.

Hair Conditioner:
A very small amount of olive oil applied to dry hair will condition and get rid of frizz. This is a great leave-in conditioner.

The Best Sea Salt Scrub:
Don’t buy those expensive Sea Salt Scrubs. Make your own. Just add sea salt to olive oil and you’ve got a sea salt scrub that will feel like heaven. Add a drop of essential oils if you’d like your scrub scented.

Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil For Women

Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil

Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive oil is well-known for its overall health and beauty benefits and finds utility in cooking, skin and hair care, and in preventive and healing remedies. It is very beneficial for skin and hair, and is used as a base ingredient in many skin care products like skin creams, cleansers and moisturizers. A beautiful and clear skin tone is what this oil has to offer. So lets unfold some beauty secrets of this miraculous oil

Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil:

Skin Moisturizer:
If you have dry skin, a massage once a week with olive oil is perfect as it penetrates deep into the skin layer and nourishes it. It has got an ingredient called squalene that improves the elasticity of your skin. Soaps that contain olive oil have less Ph levels as compared to others, and are gentle for the skin. Baby massages can also be done using olive oil.

Hair Nourishment :
Nourishing your hair with a mix of egg yolks and olive oil would help renew damaged hair cells, and deep condition them, making them shiny and lustrous. The hydroxytyrosol has anti ageing properties and this makes the hair shaft and root strong.

Nail Care:
If you have brittle toenails, the best remedy is a smear of olive oil before you sleep at night. Like castor oil, which has similar benefits, olive oil soothes, heals and nourishes nails and cuticles around the nail bed making them grow stronger. If you have time, you can also soak your feet in a bowl of warm water with a few spoons of olive oil, lemon juice and any other fragrant aromatherapy oil (just a drop).

Eyes Tending:
Olive oil applied around the eyes will help reduce dark circles. You can also use it to remove eye makeup instead of a chemical based cream or astringent, as the oil will be nourishing too. You can find polyphenols in olive oil that have anti ageing and anti inflammatory properties that nourishes the skin.

Soft Lips:
For those who want to avoid chapped or dark lips, dab olive oil, especially if you are going out in the sun. Olive oil has essential vitamin E that helps protect dry lips and skin from strong UV rays.

Personal Hygiene Tips For Good Health

Personal Hygiene Tips

Personal Hygiene Tips

Your personal hygiene is more important than anything else in your life. If you want to stay perfect and fine without any diseases and ailments than you have to take care of your personal hygiene a lot and you have to keep balance in your hygiene because it is the only factor that keeps you away from any disease.

Personal Hygiene Tips:

Body Hygiene:
Adolescents are more active, usually outdoors and sweat more. Take a bath every day with body wash and water to remove dirt, sweat and bacteria which all contribute to body odor. After bathing, be sure to apply deodorant with antiperspirant to prevent your underarms form sweating. You may also use body spray to mask the odor.

Body Hair Hygiene:
Males start developing hair on the face. Electric shaver or nonelectric razor can be used for getting rid of the facial hair. On the other hand, females may shave their legs and underarms with the use of razor to keep their skin smooth.

Oral Hygiene:
Make it a habit to brush your teeth after each meal. Additionally, flossing every night should also be a part of your routine for oral hygiene. Doing these two things saves you from forming cavities and developing bad breath. Replace your toothbrush every month or it can be up to three months. Finally, for optimum oral hygiene, visit the dentist at least twice a year.

Neat and Clean Clothing:
Clothing plays an important role in personal grooming as well as personal hygiene too and I believe it is one of the most important personal hygiene tips that keep you safe from diseases and keep you healthy always.

Hair and Skin Care:
To care for the hair, you must always keep it clean and well-groomed. For every hair type, there are specially formulated shampoos to choose from. But the most important thing is to wash the hair thoroughly to remove dirt. For best results, wash your hair every other day.

How To Get Flat Belly

Get Flat Belly

Get Flat Belly

A gradual increase in the belly ultimately expresses the amount of fat increasing in your body. Lack of exercise to the body, irregular body movements, having a bad diet that is contained with the high fats and low proteins will all give rise to a big fat belly. So here are few tips for the men and women who are thriving to get flat belly.

Tips To Get Flat Belly:

Do Exercise:
Concentrate on the smarter exercises rather than the exercise that hard enough. Simple and smart exercises will relieve you from the stress and this subsequently helps in the decrease of the weight and promotes flat belly.

Low Fats:
Organic almond milk, Organic butter/ full fat yogurt and red grape wine are few products that gives you full vitamins and proteins with out disturbing your calories count.

Take Fiber:
Eat whole meal bread in the snacks time when you feel hungry in the evenings, it contains fiber and works good for the digestive system.

Avoid Them:
caffeine, processed foods, alcohol and refined sugar substances are composed with the fat contents and they rise up the fats in the body. So, these are not recommended for those who are urging for the flat belly.

Quick Breakfast:
Have your breakfast with in an hour out from the bed, if you are hurry and don’t have the time to get the breakfast, then eat fruits and nuts.

Avoid Eating Heavy Meals:
while before going to your bed don’t take the big meals and prefer low diet. As it’s not a good notion for the digestive system and weight too.

Fish Oil:
Supplements of fish oil will dump the fat and promotes the needed fatty acids. `

Health Benefits Of Lemon Tea

Lemon Tea

Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is one form of black tea or green tea liquor blended with right quantity of lemon juice just before serving. As you add lemon juice the color of tea liquor changes and this is especially pronounced when added to black tea. It is known as Bathochromic Shift making the tea to taste extremely good than normal plain tea.

Health Benefits Of Lemon Tea:

Cold and Flu:
Lemon Tea with added ginger helps you in reducing cold and flu symptoms. Consumption of lemon tea 3 to 4 times daily in winters not only gives relief from sore throat but also boost the immune system and warms you up. All you have to do is sip your tea slowly, relishing its taste so that it soothes your throat.

Cleansing action and mental Health:
Lemon tea is a very strong cleansing agent and majority of the health benefits are surrounding its action on various body systems. Stress generates variety of blood toxins which are majorly responsible for disorders attributable to mental health. Lemon tea is known for cleansing of blood and helps you to remain active and healthy.

Natural Antiseptic:
The antiviral and anti bacterial characteristics seems to be equally strong with the consumption of lemon tea regularly. It helps treating and healing infections and diseases inside out.

Cancer preventive:
Lemon tea contains strong antioxidants and rich in vitamin C. A combination of these two strongly works on free radicals in neutralizing them. This is the main reason for believing that lemon tea reduces the risk of cancer in people who consume lemon tea regularly.

Reduction of swelling:
Swelling or alternatively known as edema arises out of trauma, intravenous injections and fluids, plasma, pooled fluid blood and dead cells of fat and is a very common post operative condition. It occurs due to the accumulation of fluid in between body tissues which causes added pain and discomfort.

Iodine Rich Foods For Healthy Mind And Body

Iodine Rich Foods

Iodine Rich Foods

Iodine is essential in the production of thyroid hormone in our body. If this is not met, a person is prone in having goiter or mental retardation in children and adults. There are many food sources of iodine and each of these are the common foods that you usually serve during mealtime.To get its benefits, be sure to include these food sources of Iodine on your diet:

Iodine Rich Foods:

Vegetables are good sources of Iodine, which they take up from soil but the quantity of iodine in each vegetable, are not the same because it depends upon the soil where it is planted. Some vegetables that are rich in iodine are artichoke, spinach, turnips, potatoes, legumes, peas, beans, corn, broccoli and cauliflower.

Iodine is also found in salt, which is good to your body. The action of Iodine helps to overcome thyroid and health problems. However, there are salts that are not iodized so it is important to check for the label first before buying.

Fruits are rich in Iodine. Aside from that, fruits also provide antioxidant properties, vitamins, minerals along with Iodine, which is good for the health. Fig, cranberry, strawberry, coconut, pineapple, kiwi, apple, dates, mango and apricots are fruits that are rich in Iodine.

Some spices like cinnamon, black and white pepper contains Iodine that is essential in our body. Using this everyday can give you the benefit of Iodine requirement in your body.

Certain herbs like fennel and hyssop are another source of iodine, which are best if added to your daily meals.

Healthy Foods Which All Women Should Eat

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

While eating healthy is essential for both the sexes, men and women have different dietary requirements. While there are several foods we must all be eating more of, women and men also have their own set of dietary requirements in addition to their own unique health concerns. 

Healthy Diet:

Spinach is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, but one thing that makes it great for women is its high content of magnesium. Magnesium may be beneficial in lessening many of the physical symptoms of PMS which plague women, which includes reduction of swelling, breast tenderness, bloating and weight gain.

While all nuts are good for our health, walnuts have numerous great individual benefits for women. Walnuts also contain many nutrients essential for female health, just like calcium, magnesium and folic acid.

Oats are bursting with health-boosting nutrients, great for female health. They keep your heart healthy, are great for digestion, keep blood pressure levels in check and also contain vitamin B6, which helps prevent PMS and mood swings.

Calcium deficiency is one of the major health concerns that affects women worldwide. Milk is an absolute must for women at any age. A great source of calcium, milk, when combined with vitamin D, is one of the best ways to keep osteoporosis at bay. Milk is also helpful in preventing symptoms of the dreaded PMS.

A carotenoid that is essential for good health is lycopene, which is a pigment found in tomatoes. Lycopene can help prevent breast cancer. Apart from this, there is also evidence that suggests that it reduces the risk of heart disease.